Honduras, Granja Dilma

Honduras, Granja Dilma


Honduras, Granja Dilma by Groundwork Coffee Co.


Typical Flavour: Apricot, Caramel with a citrus feel


An organic coffee coming form the Mini Granja Dilma family farm of just four hectares. Maria Dolores Zeleya is the third generation to run it, her staff hand-pick all of their coffee cherries. 


This farm is a partner of Cafes Organicos Marcala, a company that understands the culture of coffee and is based on sustainability. They aid producers in making the move to organic coffee farming and support nearly 700 small farms.


This coffee has been treated with care and attention every step of its journey, from growing until it reaches your kitchen.  For all of you with busy days it's the perfect bean to remind you to stop for a moment and smell the roses (or coffee). 

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