A Columbian Coffee from Tra Coffee Roasters


Typical Flavour: Sweet mandarin, orange blossom, cane sugar and a caramel finish.

On the road between Manizales and Honda sits the small town of Monte bonito that borders the slopes of the Cerro Bravo. The town has a turbulent history being heavily affected by the civil war and has been taken over three times by the FARC militia group. Most of the coffee growers from this region, are very small with between 1 - 3 hectare farms. Buy buying this Bean you are supporting 89 small farmers.


All of the farmers process all of their own coffee on their own farm before bringing it to the Cooperative where it is sorted by quality. The producers receive higher prices for better quality and we're delighted to hosting some of their highest graded coffee. 


A warm and full cup that goes beautifully with Espresso, Moka or Milky Coffees!

Colombia - Monte Bonito

Ground Size

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