Brazil Fazenda Serrinha – Passion Fruit Lot EU0111

Brazil Fazenda Serrinha – Passion Fruit Lot EU0111


Typical Flavours: Chocolate, Sweet, Nuts, Molasses, Full Body, Citric Acidity
Grown at 1200m and from the Red Catuai variety this bean is hand picked.


This bean has an unusual processing that has produced excellent results. A 50 hour anaerobic fermentation with Passion Fruit in water tanks. If you haven't tried a bean processed this way you're in for a treat. From the Fazenda Serrinha farm, Minas Gerais Bell Lane work directly with Jose Maria and his team.

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  • About this Bean

    José Maria comes from a deep-rooted history of coffee tradition. As a boy, his grandfather had a small coffee farm where his father and uncles use to work. José has many great memories of picking cherries beside his family and playing around the coffee trees with his grandfather. Fazenda Serrinha is the very first farm purchased by José Maria in 2004. Everything on the farm, José constructed with his bare hands, including the very first light post on the property. The main house on the farm is located on Fazenda Serrinha where José Maria and his family resides. The farm is home to the drying patios, raised beds, wet mill, silos, orchard, garden, and horse stables.

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