Moka Pot

Your timeless Moka Pot, it’s well known but underrated as it’s tricky to get right. A great way to make an espresso style drink without an expensive machine. Try this recipe and read the tips below if it’s still not right.


To get a Moka Pot tasting as best it can you’ll want a total brew time between 6-8 minutes.

What you need:

  • Moka Pot

  • Kettle

  • Stove top

  • Timer

  • Finely Ground coffee / Grinder (A little Coarser than espresso)


  1. Boil your Kettle and fill your Moka Pot so the water is touching the bottom of the valve inside.

  2. Put the ground coffee into the basket, use you finger to make it level. You don’t need to tamp or press the coffee down.

  3. Put the basket into the Moka Pot and screw on the top half (Use a towel – the bottom half will be boiling hot).   

  4. Note: You will need two or three attempts to maximise the taste.

  5. Turn on the stove to a medium or below medium heat.

  6. It should take between 3:30 and 4:30 minutes before any coffee comes up the funnel

  7. As the coffee fills the pot listen closely for a gurgling or bubbling sound. When you hear it take it off the stove and either pour straight into a cup or run cold water over the bottom half of the Moka Pot.

  8. Running cold water over the pot is to stop the coffee being extracted. If you don’t do this and leave it sit your coffee will taste more bitter.


If it tastes bitter;

  1. Grind size should be a little bigger than espresso

  2. Remember to fill the pot with boiling water and do not tamp the coffee

  3. If bubbles come out of the funnel your stove is on too high a temperature.

  4. If you’ve done these steps right and its still bitter, reduce the temperature and increase the brewing time on the stove.

If it tastes light or watery;

  1. Lightly tamp the coffee basket with your finger

  2. Reduce the temperature so that the brew time increases by 30seconds.

The Moka Pot is an excellent and underrated homebrew piece. It’ll give you a mix between espresso and a filter. Remember to keep it clean from the oils that build up (including the rubber gasket). It’s an old myth that says this improves the taste, it makes it bitter.