Your coffee comes freshly roasted from each roaster. Whether you order 1 bag or 10 it’ll cost €4 per roaster.


€4 Delivery and free on orders over €35.

The first customised subscription in the country.


We will find the best suited coffee for you and change it up monthly. Just fill in the subscription form and leave the rest to us!

The Subscription has free shipping and Equipment orders can be added to your monthly subscription with free shipping.


What Grind Size do I need?

Fine:                  Espresso & Moka Pot

Medium-Fine:    Hario V60

Medium:            AeroPress

Med-Course:     Pour Over/Chemex  

Coarse:             French Press  

Extra Coarse:    Cold Brew


Do I Need A Coffee Grinder?

No, but to make your coffee taste even fresher we recommend one. We Stock Hand Grinders by one of the world’s leading brands, a great place for you to start.

Speciality coffee should be consumed within 3 months of its roast date.

  • If you Grind it fresh before each cup you’ll increase the flavours.

  • If you buy pre-ground coffee we recommend using you coffee with 4 weeks of purchase.


How should I brew my coffee?

Coffee can be brewed in so many different ways that finding out where to start can be confusing.

If you’re new to specialty coffee we recommend starting with an AeroPress. It is definitely the best way for your home or work brewing. Quick, clean and shockingly simple.  

You can also change the recipe to make it stronger / weaker or even make a cold brew.

If you’re starting to like Speciality Coffee and want to make multiple cups at once or try experiment we recommend you try a Hario V60. It takes a little longer but your barista will agree, it’s well worth the extra two minutes.  


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