French Press

Your Classic press, it’s easy to make and gives you a strong rich cup. Great for when the friends are over (or it’s a Monday morning) and you need multiple cups.

To get the most out of you coffee with a French press let time do the work for you. Total brew time is around 10 minutes.

What you need:

  • French press

  • Kettle

  • Timer

  • Coarsely Ground coffee / Grinder (Coarse or medium Coarse)

  • 30g of coffee per 500ml of water


  1. Preheat French press with hot water and then throw it away or into your cup to preheat it too.

  2. Pour in 500ml of water – wetting all the coffee – And start your timer

  3. Leave it steep for 4 minutes

  4. After 4 minutes give the top layer a stir

  5. Now the most important step. – Leave it sit for at least another 4 minutes

  6. Plunge very slowly for 10 seconds


  • Do not leave brewed coffee in your French press as it will continue to extract and become bitter.

  • Your French Press Doubles as a milk frother!

  • To get a Cleaner tasting Cup – After step 5. Use two spoon to lift out the crust (top layer of foam) and continue with leaving it sit for at least another 4 minutes.

The French Press is a very simple way to make a good coffee and because we only have to press remember to keep the coffee to water ratio and the total brewing time the same for a consistently good coffee!