Filter Coffee Brew Guide

Filter - V60

Using the Hario V60 makes bright vibrant flavourful coffee easy to achieve. Its angle, ridges and large open area for the coffee to flow through cause little resistance unlike other pour overs.


Your total brew time using the V60 is about 3 minutes.

What you need:

  • V60 Brewer

  • Filter paper

  • Kettle

  • Timer

  • Medium Ground coffee / Grinder (Medium-fine)

  • Roughly 30grams of coffee per 500ml of water

  • A spoon


  1. Put a little over 500ml of water into your kettle and boil it

  2.  Place your V60 onto server/mug and place the filter paper in

  3. Pre-soak the filter paper in the holder & then empty out the water

    1. This washed any paper taste away and preheats your brewer

  4. Put in your coffee to the center of the V60, give it  shake to flatten the coffee and then using your finger create a little well/dip in the middle with your finger

  5. Stater your timer and pour your bloom

    1. Add enough water to cover all grounds (roughly twice as much water as coffee 30g:60ml)

  6. Swirl your V60 to make the water evenly mixed throughout the coffee and let the water sit for about 30 to 45 seconds.

  7. At 45 seconds, start pouring in a circular motion covering all of the grounds, aim to pour around 300ml in around 30 seconds, by the time you timer gets to 1:15.

  8. Now your V60 will be pretty full, this is good. You will pour the remainder of the water very slowly over the next 30 seconds. By 1:45 all the water has been poured.

  9. When all the water has been poured give your V60 a stir with a spoon and let the V60 drip fully into your server.


The best way to change the flavour for a V60 is by changing the grind size of the coffee, if you coffee is acidic, or lacking in flavour grind smaller. If your coffee is bitter or harsh tastes your ground size is too small.

Your water makes up 98% of your filter coffee, soft water is recommended - filtered or bottled.

Don’t worry about pouring on the paper at times, it has next to no effect.

Filter Coffee is a brilliant way to really taste the coffee you are drinking it, even if its not your favourite way I recommend making a cup of each new bean this way to really taste the coffee and see the subtle flavours.