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Overall Rating

Overall RatingPoorFairGoodVery goodExcellentOverall Rating

Roast Strength

Roast StrengthWay to DarkA little to DarkPerfectA little to LightWay to LightRoast Strength



FlavourPoorFairGoodVery goodExcellentFlavour
BodyVery LightA little LightJust RightA little Heavy Very HeavyBody


BalanceToo AcidicA little acidicJust RightA little to BitterWay to BitterBalance


AftertasteVery ShortA little ShortJust RightA little LongVery LongAftertaste

Was the coffee too acidic or bitter? Be careful they're opposites! Acidic Coffee is usually under extracted whereas bitter coffee is often over extracted.

What's New

How dark or light the coffee beans are. Darker coffee is your classic Italian beans and lighter coffee brings more flavours and complexity to the forefront.

How heavy or light the coffee tastes. Heavy is a deeper more coffee-like feeling, whereas light will hold more flavours and feel lighter in your mouth.

To get of sense of this brew two coffees, try a Press / PourOver with one spoon full and try it again with 3 and notice how it feels in your mouth.

How was the finish? Short, it disappeared too quickly and didn't sit in your mouth? Too Long a finish, the aftertaste it sat around and lingered for a little too long?