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What We Do

Over the last two years we've been developing an algorithm to understand taste. Yes you read that right, Taste.


Taste is something so subjective and seasonal, to each individual we've had to go beyond Netflix or Spotifys approach. We've built something truly unique and want to through it in the deep-end from day one.

So we decided to start with the thing we love most in this world... Coffee  

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Redefining what you consider Personalised

We've Cracked the Coffee Code

We think about coffee a little differently. We know that at the end of the day, it’s not a match unless the customer loves it. Our algorithm brings customers that will love your coffee to you each and every time.

Whether they're coffee lovers like you and I or they're here to try their first cup of specialty coffee. We know that in order make specialty coffee the worlds first choice, we need to innovate and work together to lower the barriers to entry.

How we do it

Part Art. Part Science

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We Taste Every Coffee

At CoffeeHub, we understand how many types of coffee there are and the range of tastes that goes with them. That's why every coffee is tasted by our custom tasting methods to integrate it with our algorithm.


Everything is compared to your Taste Profile

Redefining what you consider personalised is no easy feat...

Our innovative technology builds the most sophisticated taste profiles in the world.

We do more than just listen

Innovation is a journey, especially when it is personalised. We've made it simple to review each coffee, improving your taste profile with every bag and teaching you to become a taste expert at the same time.

How CoffeeHub Works

Users take our quiz to create a free taste profile and optionally rate previous coffees

Our taste algorithm matches users from all of the country's best coffee, all tasted by our team and live on the algorithm.

Sent at peak freshness directly from each roaster on the user's adjustable schedule.

User’s rate each coffee improving the accuracy and their next cup. While teaching them about their taste.

Lets take a peak inside

The Member Dashboard

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