AeroPress is a super easy and portable piece of equipment that gives you a great coffee quickly.

This is the Inverted AeroPress Recipe, and only takes about 90-120 seconds.

What you need:


  • AeroPress

  • Kettle

  • Scoop spoon that came with the AeroPress

  • Timer

  • Ground Coffee / a Grinder – 14grams (or a full scoop)


  1. Invert your AeroPress and add your ground coffee

  2. Make sure the coffee is level inside the Aeropress and fill it with water up
    to the mark 1 (Your Aeropress is inverted)


  3. Start your timer and stir your coffee for 5 seconds to make sure its well mixed with the water

  4. Put a filter paper in the cap and rinse it with the hot water. Then put it on your Aeropress.

  5. When your timer hits 60 seconds carefully rotate your Aeropress onto the cup and Press!

  6. Compost your coffee grounds and reuse your paper filter. If you like…


This is just one of dozens of ways to make your AeroPress, so we recommend experimenting!
Just remember coffee is subjective and what tastes best to you is the right recipe to brew.

Where to start?

  1. Cold Brew: Make your Aeropress as normal into a mug with ice. Most of it will melt and you’ll be left with an almost instant cold brew!

  2. Stronger: Fill the Aeropress to a different mark (less water) to make it stronger.

    • 40ml of water with 14g of coffee is close to an espresso strength

  3. Flavour change: Increase the brewing time from 60 seconds to 90 seconds and see if you notice a difference.

When experimenting with other recipes we recommend adding digital scales and placing your Aeropress on it while brewing.