About us here at CoffieHub

CoffieHub was created by two brothers, to celebrate all things specialty coffee. We wanted a platform for everyone, from roasters and baristas to novices and regular drinkers, we have created one place for us all to come together and to help you learn, discover and experience what Irish coffee to offer and share it with you.

With that said, we want to share our vision, values and how we both discovered the Irish coffee scene.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to share Irish specialty coffee, by bringing it to your doorstep. We want to make the entire community accessible and personalised to you.

Our Vision is to create a space so that if you're a coffee guru, geek, novice or anywhere in between there is a space where we can engage, inspire and grow as part of a sustainable coffee community. Where learning and curiosity are at the forefront of what we do through our shared values and core commitments.

We believe everyone should be able to discover Irish coffee, whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned pro and with your help, we can achieve this.


Our Value Statement

Community Centered
We are a community driven. Our original reason for starting CoffieHub was to show our gratitude to such an amazing community of people and celebrate it. This service is our contribution to share and grow this community as a whole and every local community it touches and supports. 

Conscious & Mindful
A commitment to stop and think about how our words, actions, or deeds will effects one another and the community as a whole.

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” - Amelia Earhart

Integrity is about keeping our word and maintaining the implicit agreements that come with being associated with a community. Through communication and transparency, hold ourselves accountable to all of these agreements so that we may continue to serve our values and our mission in ways that positively benefit as many people as possible.


Stewardship & Responsibility

We believe we have a responsibility to the community and all coffee drinkers to find ways to improve our synchronicity with the world we live. We advocate environmental stewardship to all.  

We feel it is our responsibility to lead by example and strive to deliver this, while maintaining the highest standards of coffee through our companies actions and our educational resources. This is a continual mission which we can all strive for together. 

Our Story


Darragh's Story:
It all started many years ago when I was on a trip to Ethiopia. I was seventeen and had absolutely no interest in coffee, I had never even tried any. I was told before visiting that coffee was part of Ethiopian culture and that I'd have to drink it when I got there. 

I remember my first sip of coffee, I hated it. Sitting in my first coffee ceremony in Ambo, Ethiopia, however, I knew it would be rude not to smile and finish the espresso that I had somehow managed to cram several spoons of sugar into. After dozens of more ceremonies I returned to Ireland, only to find a craving for a coffee.

As a normal coffee drinker does in an exam year, I drank a lot of coffee. Whatever I could get my hands on. It was about a year later, that I went to a coffee shop in the city center recommended by my brother Keith, he just said it's really nice. I had no idea that I was drinking my first cup of specialty coffee, I just noticed it tasted beautiful and fruity, nothing like the regular coffee I was used to. I was confused and curious, I asked myself how did they make it taste this way? how come this wasn’t the most popular coffee shop in the country with coffees that taste like this? And so many more questions.


From that moment I started exploring the world of specialty coffee and never looked back.

Keith's Story:

My brother and I have a different introduction to this world we hold so close to our hearts today. Before understanding coffees rich history, I shared the Western or “Irish” view of coffee: “It appears in the supermarket, some shops serve it, mostly Fair-trade nowadays, it’s like tea - but not as Irish”

After Darragh returned from Ethiopia, telling his stories of coffee ceremonies, he had shaken me right at my core. He told stories of the rich culture and traditions that were based around coffee that still existed today, it brought this magical little bean to life for me.

I began to explore the coffee community in Ireland. I noticed all of the things that were described to me about the attitudes toward coffee were present in Ireland too. I realised these were the underlying values of the community that I had begun to experience. The sense of culture in a small yet growing community that I could share my passion and excitement for coffee with, had a profound impact on my life, as it does for so many across the globe.

Over the course of our journey, regardless of our location or where we’ve been in our lives, we have both held the specialty coffee community close to our hearts. It has bonded us as brothers and allowed us to meet fantastic people. We have shared such a love of coffee with so many people around the world that we decided to embark on a journey to make this platform for everybody to see and experience what we have been lucky enough to in the specialty coffee community.